Cable On-Demand control by computer on-screen remote

I watch tv at my computer with the Hauppauge Win-TV-PVR-500MCE and SnapStream Media Beyond TV 4. I also use the USB-UIRT IR Blaster to control the DCT-2000 cable receiver. Beyond TV just has to be configured to use the USB-UIRT and cable receiver model without having to train it.

To use On-Demnd I needed a program that will enable me to send the IR signals for the menu direction keys; for this I use EventGhost to create an on-screen remote.

Screen capture showing on-screen remote on Firefox with Beyond TV in a window set to "Always on top".

Since I had to look in several places to figure out how to set it up I figured I would just put the information here.

First install the USB-UIRT. It plugs into a USB port.

Programs used:

  • EventGhost is an open-source automation tool for MS Windows
  • CCF Extractor (Freeware) - This is a small utility that enables you to quickly extract IR codes compatible with some devices (such as the DCT-2000 Remote Control) from CCF (Pronto) formatted files.
  • CCF Files containing IR codes for most remotes are available for download from Remote Central
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