Benefits of the Euro

  • Stimulation of Economic Growth:
    First, the single currency will offer stability and sustainable growth. Greater stability will lead to greater certainty among businesses and you the consumer will benefit. You the consumer will be able to safely plan for your financial future. This safety will generate investments and thereby generate economic growth. Economic growth will lead to more jobs and a higher standard of living.

  • Lower Interest Rates:
    Second, the single currency offers the prospect of lower interest rates. Lower interest rates will give a further boost to public confidence and provide more incentives for investment. This will also means cheaper borrowing for consumers and cheaper mortgages for homeowners. Businesses in the UK are currently paying higher interest rates than in many other EU countries. This happens because the investors like George Soros, who control the sterling, charge premium prices to insure themselves against possibility of sterling devaluation. With a single currency, that possibility would no longer exist and you, the borrower will benefit.

  • Transparency of Prices:
    Third, the single currency will make the single market more efficient and its full potential will be realized. Businesses will make the same profits across the European Union. You, the consumer will benefit because you will pay the same prices for that apple whether you're in Belgium, Germany or right here in Britain.

  • Ease of Using Same Currency:
    Finally, there will no more complicated European vacations. When traveling to another country within the single-currency zone, you will no longer have to convert money from one currency to another. This will save time and money. In the past, if you began with 100 pounds, converted it into every currency in the European Union, by the end of your transactions, you would have less than 30 pounds to spend. Imagine the vacations you could take without losing 70 pound out of each 100.

Economics of the EU