The Glory of Leadership for Britain Once Again

  • The government of Britain has a wonderfully positive vision for the partnership of nations within the European Union (EU). The Labour Party desperately wishes to be a full participating unified member in Europe with the ability to place votes and/or vetoes. They contest that the citizens of Britain should help in the building of a Federal Europe, as it is their duty. The glory lost can be regained by becoming the world leaders once again. The British Nation should join the European Super-state because the other independent nations in Europe needs Britain's alliance to achieve the goals they cannot achieve alone. The benefits to name a few, are low inflation, low stable interest rates and growth creating a reduction in unemployment.

  • The Labour Party sends an inspiring message to those who are worried about loosing their ability to govern themselves, because they simply will not give up their sovereignty. By taking part instead of sitting on the sideline, they can manipulate and control Europe as a whole by vetoing any actions which may threaten their national identity. If they do not join, they may become the lonely neighbor and loose their precious pound anyway. What else besides the pound do they have to loose? They risk the chance to further loosing their pride. A pride in the glory of participating in a new evolution at the start of the twenty-first century. The unity of nations that has never even been attempted before where they can once again, take the leading role.

Political Benefits