Freedom of Movement with Protection Through Open Borders

  • Besides peacekeeping, armed conflict protection and environmental achievements, they will have the freedom to move about Europe for goods and services, but most importantly, jobs from more revenue and freedom to relocate within the Union. An open market Labour says! Union citizenship will grant them the many rights said herein today, of freedom of movement and residence, rights to vote and stand for elections, right to diplomatic protection and right to petition the European Parliament. They will use their participation to promote this flexibility, employment and protection within the EU. By signing the social chapter, they can influence the outcome for their benefit. For by leaving an "empty chair" in the negotiations, will only result in detrimental hardship for all of Britain. Britain cannot regain its strength within if they are weak without! They can restore their pride and influence as the leading force for the good in the world. Britain can once again be at the center of international decision-making instead of taking the bench on the sideline. The Labour Party wants to play ball! And they want everyone in Britain to win! They say NO to ISOLATION!

Political Benefits