"Theme in the News"


Three topics concerning our topic of agriculture:
  1. Transformation of Agriculture--with a focus on a decline in farmers.
  2. Agriculture & Environment--with a focus on the Rural Environment Protection Scheme (REPS).
  3. Politics--with a focus on: EU funding for Agriculture which ties into funding for the previously two mentioned topics.


Key Players / Agencies / Organization:

Transformation of Agriculture

Over the past few years there has been a decline in the number of people associated with agriculture. The percentages of the agricultural workforce in 1994 was 11.9% of the total workforce. In 1995 it was 11.5%, 1996 it was 10.6%, and in 1997 it was only 10% (about 134,000 people).

Agriculture and the Environment

Objectives of REPS:

REPS Supplementary Measures:

  1. Conservation of Natural Heritage Areas
  2. Rearing animals of local breeds in danger of extinction
  3. Long Term Set Aside
  4. Public Access and Leisure Activities
  5. Organic Farming


One of the main issues concerning Ireland in respect to Agriculture/Politics/Economics is the Common Agricultural Policy.
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